Designer Spokes

Product Code : 480


Spoke skins are the alternative to the expensive cost of powder coating. Not to mention the hassle of unlacing and relacing 

your wheels. With spoke skins, there is no lacing and they do not chip, fade or come off easily and are easy to install.


This is also a great way to cover up those rusty old spokes,they are easy to clean with soap and water and can also withstand a pressure washer.
They do not fly off and will help keep the mud from gathering on your spokes.
They come with a nonvisible slit which allows you to install them without unlacing your wheels.
They are removable and seams can be closed by using a hot air gun.

  •     Full Size with 38 skins for the front and 38 skins for the rear.
  •     Mini Moto With 36 skins for the front and 36 skins for the rear.


Notes. Since the skins are usually a little longer than needed, it is recommended that you get the exact length of your spokes before beginning install: that way you can trim them down to fit properly. Please keep in mind that not all hubs are the same length on the both sides, so measure all  dimensions carefully prior to trimming to be sure to get the fit right.


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