Exhaust insulation wrap

Product Code : 162


 Exhaust Header Wrap Features and Benefits:

- 2" wide x 10' long

- Carbon fiber appearance

- Extremely pliable for tight and secure wrap

- High resistance to temperatures, vibration breakdown, oil spills and abrasions

- Withstands 1800F direct/2500F intermittent heat

- Reduce under hood temperature and vibration breakdown

- Promotes increased exhaust gas flow for improved performance

Exhaust wrap is not designed to be removed after it has been through heat cycles. The fibers lose their initial flexibility after they have been heated.

The wrap works best with an overlap of 1/4". This should allow just enough heat out to ensure performance without damaging the exhaust. When following the 1/4" overlap rule, one 10 foot rolls can usually cover an Enfield bent pipe.


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