Harley Type headlamp

Product Code : 564


 Handle and install with care and from an experienced Technician or mechanic.


 1. Environmentally friendly and power saving

 2. Long life reaching up to 50,000 hours

 3. Durable and non-fading brilliant beams

 4. Good vibration resistance and stable emitting

 5. General model used in Auto lighting can be suitable to be applied in all kinds of vehicles

 6. Easy installation

 7. Low heat  


Power 95 Watts high beam and 60w Low beam and with turn signals

. Operating Voltage 12-30V DC

. Waterproof rate IP 67                 

. Color Temperature 6500-7000K

. Lumens 2200(Low beam), 3600(high beam)

. Housing Material Die-cast Aluminum

. Lens Material Polycarbonate

. Dimensions: 7 inch

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