35W LED Auxiliary Motorcycle Light (1 light) kit


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Quantity provided 1 unit

Operating Voltage 12 volts DC

Do It Yourself (DIY) DIY Possible

DIY difficulty Sightly difficult

Tools required for installation Special tools required

Fastening hardware for installation Not provided

Country of origin Designed to RedLinePlus specifications, manufactured by OEM. Imported.

Weatherproof Waterproof rating (Ingress Protection IP) IP 67, Dust-tight, Immersion up to 1 m


35W LED Aux light, 4400Lm

Wide focus - illuminates everything in a cone of 140 degrees

Long range

Light is visible to oncoming traffic from more than 1Km - even during day time

Maximum illumination to rider is up to 200 meters

Exponential drop off to rider up to 500 meters

6000K white light - with yellow conversion lenses available

Compact package - 2-inch diameter

Anti-vibration bolts

Water Proof - IP 67


Relay Wiring Harness with Handlebar Switch, see -> here

Universal Metal Clamps for mounting these lights on handlebars or crash guards, see here

Amber Yellow Fog light conversion lenses available here


One 35W LED

One anti-vibration bolt with lock nut to replace the existing bolt holding the light (in case you face vibration issues)

One anti-vibration bolts with locknut to mount the light to any surface


Confused about which option you need?

If you don't have much clue about the electrical aspects of fitting these Aux lights, contact us.

Normally 35W + 15W is a suitable option. For larger capacity motorcycles, 35W +35W is recommended.

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