SofaRider™ Gel Seat Cover for Mahindra Mojo (Rider seat)

Product Code : 563



You want a gel seat for superior comfort but don't like the SofaRider strap on and cannot send the stock seat to use for modification?

Then this gel seat cover is what you need!



RedLinePlus SofaRider proven design: Gel + Memory Foam + High Quality cover

One time installation

Do It Yourself (DIY) Installation

Easy to remove and install

Will not move after installing

Substitute for SofaRider Strap On or Seat Modification


½” Gel sheet layer ie. single slab

1" Gel sheet also possible ie. double slab

½” Memory foam layer

High quality craftsmanship

Medium rough grade top cover - non skid

Same comfort as other SofaRider models but higher convenience


Shape and size is made for the stock seat (ie. not universal or once size fits all)

Single velcro strap for under seat tight fitting

Thick textile lace for under seat fitting 


Mahindra Mojo

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